The Shadow Man

Tall and mysterious, he is completely shrewd,

Plaguing my life without thoughts of what that would do.

“Move on and move forward,” they said, as if it were easy,

To forget what he had done, his brutality.

To separate my anger and have a new mentality,

the shadow he had cast HAS to fade completely.

For one cannot heal with their wounds laid bare for the whole world to see.

Am I as much of an open book like my wounds had made me,

Or do I have more layers, maybe even a more unique personality.

This unanticipated life struggle has drained me completely,

“think fast and recover,” I say to myself, “before it breaks me”.

No, it’s NOT a complete happy ending yet,

I still have more room for self discovery.

Out of this shadow and worry

I will emerge on the right side of victory.

“who is the Shadow Man?” you might ask,

And all I can tell you is that his name isn’t worth the mystery.





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