Unsteady but not broken

Fragile, breakable, weak, delicate, damaged, unsteady and FRAIL. This is the age of which these words no longer denote something of a small or diminutive nature, but instead something of which is resilient. These are just a few of the characteristics of a strong person, so be gone old notions of what man used to call an individual who was of none of these descriptions. And even the word, resilient, signifies something that was bent and twisted in so many difficult directions, yet in the end was able to survive, recoil. There are about 7, 437,222, 074 people on this earth and counting. Every day we a encountered by something that makes us feel as though we will never recover and sometimes that’s the only truth that our minds allow us to conceive, but we have to force ourselves to remember it won’t become the only truth until we feed and feed that thought, until it becomes reality, our reality.

Humankind is not strong because we remain emotionless, rigid and static, even though our actions may be described as such, as human beings we are strong because of our breakable nature, our frail nature. We are guided by our emotions in a way that no matter what the circumstances it is impossible to remain objective. And as much as I’d like or we’d like for this to be wrong, it is the truth. A strong person isn’t strong because some how they have mastered the ability to only take action through objective thinking, but are strong because they feel and allow with every breath their emotions to run free, until taking action is the only way we can relieve the emotional burdens we feel, whether it is to give a warm embrace or break down in tears or even something of a more detrimental nature. With that said, this does not give us the right to roam free from the laws that in most cases save us from ourselves and those actions. To be frail and unsteady is just what we are, we can’t help ourselves, it was the way we were built. And in this way that we were built, it has left us completely capable of performing actions good, bad, or in between.

To say we are only human is an understatement, because although we are frail we still have choice, the ability to decide which actions to take and the ones that we shouldn’t. We still have the capacity to do better.


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