I wish oh I wish I could be as clouds would be….weightless

As human beings, we often feel it is our duty to give interpretations of the environment we are surrounded by, and I take comfort in this because with every interpretation I am constantly reminded that I am alive, I am here. If we close our eyes and listen to the sounds around us, every inhale and exhale we take, one might find it peaceful and that our bodies are suddenly overcome by this joy of just being in that moment.

We can interpret trees as our life force, because it provides us with oxygen, rain as a new beginning because it washes away our fears and worries of that day. And so water is described as tasteless and so it should be, because something that is described as refreshing can not be riddled with even an inkling of familiarity.

And with everything with its own interpretations, I think clouds should be described as weightless. Their purpose serving to remind us to live every day with a light heart and a light mind and maybe just maybe we can feel as weightless as the clouds someday. I think sometimes we forget to breath in and exhale, figuratively speaking, because if we did I guess you would be dead, right. But I mean don’t you sometimes feel as though you’ve been holding your breathe for too long and you don’t know how to let it out. I know I do. So I wish I could be weightless. I find shelter and comfort in just taking a walk, gazing up at the sky imagining all the possibilities and outcomes that got me to that moment.

To be as a cloud you must not only be weightless, but you must be willing to let go. And no that doesn’t mean be emotionless and detached from the world, because as we all can see clouds are not always white and fluffy and if you pay close enough attention you might realize from clouds we are brought rain. And from this fact you must observe how much a cloud endures and goes through, observe how it takes a few moments, maybe even hours, to just let go of all its worries in the form of rain so that it may feel weightless and light once again.






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